Carpet Weaving

Guest House Torlacite offers you:

Original Chiprovtsi carpets made by traditional technology by our skilled masters. You can see the models that we offer below.

If you wish to order or have questions, please get in touch with us.

Carpet weaving demonstrations

loom, coloring with natural colors - 6 hours

The demostrations take place after a reservation in advance.

They are preceded by a week of gathering of materinals and crimsoning substances: bark from walnut-tree, hulls of onions, bark from plumtree, leafs of quince and other over 150 species of crimsoning plants.

The crimsoning lasts a day.

Carpet weaving hobby courses

a great success so far

Duration - 10-20 days

The course includes:
- Mastering of weaving techiques.
- Preparation of the carpet.
- Crimsoning

Daily costs during the course for one person includes room, food, training, materials and is 65 leva.

The crimsoning of the materials is preceeded from gathering of crimsoning substances: wallnut tree bark, onion peelings, plum tree bark, quince tree leaves and other over 150 types of crimsoning plants.

The crimsoning itself occupies one day.

For more information and reservations, please contact us!