The town of Chiprovtsi is located in a picturesque valley in the North Western Balkans.

The highest peak in North Western Stara Planina (Balkan) - Midjur (2168 m.) also stands
The releaf of the municipality is mountainous and semi-mountainous, with significant
difference in the altitude of the different villages. The climate is moderately
The distance from Chiprovci to the regional center Montana is 35 km., while to Sofia - 110 km.
through Berkovica and the Petrohan pass.
The population of the Chiprovtsi municipality is 5348 people, out of which 2643 live in Chiprovci, and the rest - in the other nine settlements - Martinovo, Jelezna, Prevala, Gorna Luka, Mitrovci, Beli Mel, Chelyustnica, Gorna Kovachica, Ravna.