The unique Chiprovtis carpet weaving

One of the undisputed phenomena, with which Bulgaria surprises the world - the multi coloured, fantastic ornaments and figures, as well as the impressive materials nad fabrics form which the Chiprovtsi carpets are made, has attracted the attention of experts and connoisseurs from all continents. The Chiprovtsi masters have for dozens of generations followed the ancient proto-bulgarian traditions in carpet weaving from more than 1300 years ago. Besides the inherited technoligies for the creation of fabrics and the fantastic images from the lands of the proto-bulgarians nad tne Ancient East, they guard jealously the sacred ornaments, figures and compositions. In them our ancessors have imbeded a peculiar form of original writing and have coded messages and beliefs, which impart the carpet with tha attribute of bearer of spirit, health and happiness on the home of its owner.

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